Well I’m Finally Doing It….Welcome to my blog!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been sending friends emails about our international travels. It started on my blackberry years ago. That tiny keyboard was a real wonder – it enabled short and sweet notes primarily about what we were eating. No more than a couple of paragraphs composed just after dinner (we’re typically in Europe)  sometimes right from the dinner table to elicit “oohs and aaahs” in real time from the folks back at the office. Somehow that has morphed to detailed emails about what we did during the day, what we saw, who we met and of course what we ate. The text is now supported by photos and the blackberry, became an iPad, which finally transitioned to my laptop.  It’s become a real pain in the neck trying to do it on email and with Word and OneNote -not to mention the incompatibility of the Apple and Windows operating systems.  I’ve lost the early editions of my “blog” as everyone refers to it and have been encouraged by many of you to start a real blog.

This first edition is dedicated to Maria Defante, she worked with me for a few years and still, every trip emails me and says, “I love these, you need to start a blog”. My hope is that the “real blog” will make publishing easy, but so far that’s not been the case.  Change is hard and I’m learning something new, but it’s a tad discouraging to have read an entire book on blogging with WordPress to find out the UI had completely changed.  This is my test drive at a post. If you are reading this, it is probably because I emailed my last recipient list to take a look, provide feedback and I hope some encouragement. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Please, oh please be sure to comment on the entries so I know someone out there is listening.

Paris has come to San Diego

The other day I was out for a run in downtown San Diego and I was stopped dead in my tracks. What did I see, but this vision of loveliness – an authentic looking French Pâtisserie.

Except for the fact that it is sunny and 65 degrees – you might think you are in Paris!

I made a mental note of where it was located as I was trying out a new East Village route and finished my run. This is my first official week of being between jobs and today felt like my first truly “free day”. After a visit to the dermatologist this morning (see the public service announcement below), Phil and I decided breakfast out was in order.

Minou, Creperie Patisserie comes to us from the folks at Café Chloe, a perennial favorite and it is located at 721 Eighth Avenue in San Diego, just north of G Street. The place is absolutely adorable; if you need a dose of Paris, stop on by. The menu is limited:  Basic French fare, like sweet and savory crepes, sandwiches, quiche, onion soup. They also have croissants and pastries, coffee, tea, wine and beer.

A good dry run for our upcoming trip to Europe

I had the prosciutto and gruyere quiche. It was custardy, creamy and loaded with prosciutto. The crust was flakey. It was yummy. Phil had the ham and cheese crepe topped with a sunny side fried egg. I tasted his crepe and it was light. I think all the crepes are made with buckwheat flour so they are a bit nutty, but still very light. Both came with a little frisee salad dressed with a light lemon vinaigrette. Very French! We both cleaned our plates. The café Americano was excellent. It was a delicious breakfast.

We loved our breakfast at Minou

Public Service Announcement

Go to the Dermatologist! I am lucky. I went two weeks ago after having not gone for a few years. I was irked with our insurance deductible (the days of co-pays were gone) so I was too cheap to go. I noticed some dry skin around the scar on my lip (bicycle accident in the 5th grade) and finally went to doctor. After the biopsy two weeks ago revealed pre-cancerous cells, they were scraped off and cauterized today. I fortunately caught it before it turned into anything serious. Don’t be like me, Don’t be cheap, Be sure to get your check-ups. My story has a happy ending.



36 thoughts on “Well I’m Finally Doing It….Welcome to my blog!

  1. Great idea! Love to vicariously live through your adventurous spirit! Can’t wait to see all the lovely photos from your upcoming trip…safe journey xo

  2. Robin,

    This is awesome! I love that you are going to capture all of your adventures in a blog for us all to enjoy! Your description (and pictures) of your breakfast made my mouth water. I love prosciutto and gruyere together!!! Yum.

    Cant wait to read more,


    1. Thanks Lynne

      We leave on Sunday so watch for something next week. We love to eat and I adore cheese…. Loved the photos from Disney World.


  3. Whoohoo!! I’m so excited and happy to see you did this! Reading your emails in the past have allowed us to experience your amazing adventures first hand. Now that you have an official forum, plenty more people can read and experience the same. So here’s to many more happy travels to far off and exquisite places 🙂 We’ll continue to read on as you add more posts! Take care!

    1. You are the inspiration for all this. It only took a bunch of years for me to actually do it; THANK YOU for all your encouragement.

  4. I am so excited for you. I have to admit it took me a bit to figure out how to comment :). I always loved your travel emails. I would read them to my family. Love the SD coverage. Definitely going to try the Patisserie.

    1. Thanks Bree. I don’t think the comment link is all that obvious, sorry about that. Enjoy a croissant for me. Actually take Crystal with you…

  5. This is great, Robin. Can’t wait to see your posts on your and Phil’s next adventure. Thank you for scoping out an interesting and new dining establishment. And, thank you for the PSA.

  6. Hi Robin. I’m so happy to read about your first “free day”
    A morning run and breakfast out sounded in perfect order.
    I’ll enjoy reading about your adventures, and thank you for your public service announcement. Glad to hear your happy ending.

  7. Robin, your friend was so right that you needed to start a blog with all your travels. Always enjoyed getting the emails with the pictures and your adventures! This is a great way to capture these trips. Maureen does the same with our trips recently and it is a perfect way to go back and reminisce.

    Look forward to following your French trip!

  8. Robin,

    I love this and now you are telling us about SD places so maybe I can try some of your adventures too. I am really excited too hear all about your future adventures.

    1. Hey Lawson – Thanks for the encouragement. The adventure begins one week from today. Not sure if I’ll be in town for NAA but I hope so, there are so many people I’d love to see. Talk soon…

  9. Great job, I look forward to future entries. I was one of the unlucky ones that didn’t always see all your photos. (Saw them later on facebook.) Enjoy the adventures and I’m sorry you fell back then. We were probably happy you didn’t break something. Someday ask me about my mom’s lip, glad you caught the problem early.

    1. Thanks for checking this out…a number of folks had trouble with the images. Hopefully, this will solve all of that. I’ve just got a lot to learn on how to make really good posts. Please keep reading and commenting —- the adventure begins, one week from today.

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